The Orange Fund

Your participation in the Orange Fund demonstrates your commitment to the ECFS mission and your investment in the future of our students. Gifts of all sizes and types support the important work we do today while strengthening our legacy for tomorrow.  

Providing academic excellence and an ethical grounding for our students will always be our top priority. We put your gifts to immediate use by supporting myriad needs, including: 

Contact: Rose Turshen, Director of Development

We are grateful to all of the dedicated Orange Fund volunteers!

Orange Fund Co-Chairs: 2023-2024 Academic Year

Crystal Eng Won (Fieldston Middle and Upper) P’25

Mara Kanner (Fieldston Middle and Upper) P'26, '28

Andrea Pivnick (Fieldston Middle and Upper) P’26, ‘27, ‘30

Randi Seigel (Fieldston Lower) P’32, ‘33 

Sejal Shah (Ethical Culture and Fieldston Middle) P'30, '31, '34

If you would like to volunteer for the Orange Fund, please contact Kavita Bordia, Assistant Director of Annual Giving

Orange Fund Volunteers: 2023-2024 Academic Year

Abby Friedman, P'34

Alexandra Nicholas, P'30, '32

Amy Deiner, P'34

Amy Tuchman, P'26, '28

Andrew Azoulay, P'26

Charity M. Guerra-Luna, P'25, '34

Cheri Fandozzi, P'27

Cherise Klebanov, P'36

Chirag Dedania, P'36

Christina Thomas, P'37

Christopher Boies, P'35

Claudine Anderson-Collis, P'32

Cynthia Daniel, P'28, '31

D. J. Griffith, P'25, '30

Daniela Guliner, P'30

Dara Gottfried, P'25

Deborah Richman, P'35

Diane N. Maldonado, P'30, '34

Elena Baskina, P'32, '35

Elizabeth L. Alfano, P'30, '33

Emily Raviv, P'36

Eunice Park, P'35

Evangelos Perros, P'34, '35

Jennifer Marwill, P'28

Jeremy M. Wells, P'28

Jesse L. Damon, P'26

Karen Azoulay, P'26

Kristy Zhang, P'35

Leonie Maruani, P'33

Lili Kong, P'24, '22

Matthew Shapiro, P'32

Michael Jacobs, P'26

Nadeige Bogard, P'31

Peter M. Groves, P'29, '32

Princess D. Prince-McCoade, P'27, '31, '22

Ravina Advani, P'31, '31

Rebecca Fabian, P'36

Sally Song, P'36

Sara Berg, P'25, '30

Sylvia Clark, P'28, '29

Thomas Cooke, P'32, '34

Tunesia Kirkland, P'36

Whitney Ifcher, P'33

Yamilka Vasquez, P'30, '34