Class Recorder


Your Class Recorders:

1949 Hiller Zobel

1950 Robert Gordon

1954 Leslie Kandell 

1955 Lois Ullman Berkowitz

1957 Brenda Kreuzer 

1958 Linda Burns Amiel

1960 Hal Freedman 

1963 John Price Rudy 

1964 Jim Neuberger 

1965 Ann Kirschner 

1967 Margaret Gigi Goldin Lincoln

1968 Katrin Belenky Peck

1969 Phil Straus 

1970 Rick Cohen and Michael Singer

1972 Richard Boylan 

1973 Margherita Mayer

1974 Robyn Roth-Moise and Ann Stuchiner

1976 Chris P Browne and John Firestone

1977 Philip Gibbs

1978 Martha Dorn

1981 Tracy Robin Levine

1982 Terrance D Alexander

1984 Deirdre Hannon Ragusa

1985 Howard Wolfson

1988 Nick Kaplan 

1989 Jenny Herdman Lando 

1990 Michael Kaplan

1991 Rachel Hochhauser 

1992 Doug Williamson and Judy Mazzucca

1994 Daryl S Freimark

1996 Rebecca Sheryl Gordon

1997 Amy Sulds

1998 James Tate

1999 Andrew Werts 

2002 Maren Messing 

2004 Fernando Rojas

2005 Sam Hamilton 

2006 Sam Dascher and Lance Taubin

2009 Michael Shindler 

2017 Jacqueline Weitz

2022 Asher Zemmel and Emma Siskind

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Class Agent


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Reunion Volunteer Committee


Reunion 2023 celebrates classes ending in 3s and 8s and will take place on 6/10 at the Fieldston campus.  Registration information to follow.  

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