We are thrilled to welcome the Class of 2023 

as the newest members of our alumni community! 

Thank you to the parents and guardians who helped to celebrate our seniors this year!

Form VI Coordinators

Debra Cohn

Lisa Kim 

Pamela Papino-Wood 

Pamela Mittman

Nina von Moltke

Alison Schlanger

Form VI Gift Committee

Jim Bracchitta

Derek Cribbs

Melissa and Kenneth Glassman

Jamie Gorman

Lisa Kim and Eunu Chun

Michael Rauch

Cynthia Vance-Abrams

Stephanie Wagner

Jeff Walker and Mark Collins

Senior Celebration Committees  

Arts Celebration, Senior Dinner, Sports Dinner & 14-Year Club Celebration

If you have questions or would like to make your Form VI gift please contact: Kavita Bordia, Assistant Director of Annual Giving